We are a non-profit organisation with a heart to serve the children of Temperance Town, Gordon’s Bay. Our focus is to keep the children off the streets, out of harm’s way and well nourished. We have strived to provide a safe and loving environment where homework can be done, meals are shared and good fun can be enjoyed.

The ministry to the children began at The Temperance Town Primary School in January 2010, with a Bible Study, given by Yvonne Mangia, in one of the Classrooms and things have blossomed since then.

It also came to our attention that a number of children were fainting from hunger on Mondays, after week-ends without food at home. As a result of this we started a feeding scheme in July 2011, feeding approximately 30 children with one meal a day.

Things kept growing and during the December 2011 school holidays we continued feeding more and more children (approximately 80), a meal a day.

At present we serve the community from 13.00 – 17.00 Mondays to Fridays offering aftercare facilities to the children. We employ 4 staff,  3 teachers who assist, and supervise, children with their homework and a caterer who takes care of the meals . The children are given sandwiches for lunch, and have a cooked dinner before they leave for home at 5 o’clock.